Complete Dispersal of Linebred Skuipper W Horses - Gordon, Nebraska. Must sell before October 1st

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To the many breeders and lovers of the Weiscamp family of horses. I will try to keep this brief.

I have been raising this line of horses for close to 40 years or more. We all have felt the impact of the economics for the past 4 years. We went through this in the 50's.

Even today there is good demand for top geldings and good halter prospects. Somebody has got to produce these horses, and I am one of those producers.

Today my band includes over 100 mares. The past 3 or 4 years I have added many top mares, either branded or straight Weiscamp from dispersal sales, private purchases, etc.

Now at the young age of 71, I've got to lighten the chores. So I am wanting to lease some of these top mares. There are a number of people that have a great sire prospect but it is hard to find equally good mares for them. I can lease mares and a good stud or whatever the situation would work best for both of us.

Always seeking the best, whether stallions or mares, these sometimes linebred horses have always had the ability to excel in both performance, as well as halter.

Would prefer to do business with people wishing to breed for these solid bloodlines, as the best have been in the past, with over a 100 years of breeding that needs to be enhanced and preserved for future horsemen.

Check out the many 6-generation pedigrees and photos on our website, and get in touch with me to round out your Weiscamp breeding program ahead of next spring.

Tony Daringer
Phone: 308,282-1307
Cell: 719-640-6823
129 Sheridan Street
Gordon, Nebraska 69343


Contact Tony Daringer for more information:

Phone: 308-282-1307     Cell: 719-640-6823
129 Sheridan Street,  Gordon, NE 69343